Back pain is the most common complaint in recent years

Tension, muscle pain and compromised mobility: Back pain has become part of everyday life for many people. Up to 70 % of adults suffer from occasional or chronic back problems. Women tend to have more frequent back pain than men.

Figures and facts
Back pain is extremely common:

  • 8 % of the US population suffer from chronic back pain and 50 % report at least one episode per year
  • According to statistics, 26.7 % of men and 29.9 % of women suffered from back or spine pain in 2016
  • It is estimated that $ 86 billion is spent annually on back pain in the US.
  • Back pain is most frequent between the ages of 45 and 64

The causes of back problems are manifold.  The most frequent causes include lack of exercise, being overweight, injury and extreme physical stress.

In some cases, several causes overlap and can thus significantly compromise one’s everyday activities.

Pain can be put into three categories: acute, subacute and chronic. In some people these problems disappear after a short period of time without treatment. Often, however, they return and remain for prolonged periods of time.

These chronic back conditions last more than twelve weeks and massively decrease one’s quality of life. They can have particularly adverse effects on one’s professional life and even lead to job loss.

How to alleviate acute pain

To alleviate acute pain, people often use strong pain killers and sometimes resort to unnecessary surgery. This occurs even though physical and emotional changes in lifestyle can help lessen even acute problems.  Reducing stress, healthy nutrition, and exercise can all help.

There are many exercises designed to specifically target back pain.  Working on balance, stretching, lifting weights are among them.  Sitting upright – no slouching – and maintaining good posture will also help. Practiced every day, this can prevent acute back pain from becoming chronic.

It’s important to be aware of how you are doing everyday tasks.  Many people lift with their back instead of their legs.  Just lifting a bag of groceries the wrong way can put a significant weight load on the lower back which can lead to serious damage over the course of time.

What to do when acute turns into chronic

Chronic pain is a burden for everyone. The sedentary lifestyle of office workers, students, truck drivers – anyone who spends a lot of time sitting – are those who most often suffer back pain.  It is important to sit upright and take breaks to walk and stretch.

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