In Crete, almost NOBODY has arthritis pain.
In America, 2 OUT OF 3 seniors have arthritis pain.

If you ever visit Crete, a beautiful island in Greece, you’ll see the senior citizens there living it up!

Like young kids, these fun-loving seniors are always moving and doing something enjoyable. You’ll see them dancing to the island music known as Mantinades, playing “senior soccer” or taking long walks along Plantanias Beach.

All this pain-free fun …

… while sadly, here in America, the doctors’ offices and pharmacies are full of seniors suffering from terrible osteoarthritis pain.

What makes the difference?

At first scientists thought it might be the year-round sunshine, or the beaches, or the olives in their diet, but these theories were discarded because people who lived in many other countries with these features had high osteoarthritis rates.

The lucky breakthrough came one night after an exhausting day of research, when, over dinner, Professor Manseau said, “these people sure eat a lot of snails”.

And that was the answer! The secret had been discovered! Another scientist remarked, “maybe that’s what is so unique about their diet and why they don’t get arthritis. We’ve looked at everything else it seems. Maybe that is the answer.”

You see, in Crete, the southern Greek Island, there are 96% fewer cases of osteoarthritis than in America! Here is the secret: Crete has the lowest incidence of osteoarthritis in the world … and the highest consumption of snails!

How can this phenomenon be explained? Following a lengthy study into Cretans’ way of life and eating habits, a team of scientists discovered that snails are very popular to eat on the island.

In fact, most people on of the island eat them every day! It has been a traditional dish on the island for centuries! It is the country in Europe with the highest per-capita number of snails eaten! So researchers carefully studied Crete snails and eventually discovered their extraordinary anti-osteoarthritic powers:

The protein these snails contain enable it to heal instantly any cuts to its flesh or injury to its shell!

This is why Cretes who eat snail meat every day don’t suffer from osteoarthritis: their joints are permanently self-repairing! And now, when you are taking HELIX natural taste-free capsules, your joints will be too! This is your solution to pain-free joints!

Anna Costas, 84, says she has lived in Crete all her life and nobody here suffers from arthritis pain.

"I feel so sorry for anyone who has joint pain. It is such a waste of your best years." She boldly says "nobody will have arthritis pain if they eat like we do in Crete or takes the supplement Helix Original." - Nora Korantos, Crete, Greece

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