The knee is the largest and most heavily stressed joint in the human…

…body. It is regarded as particularly sensitive and can cause pain if stressed too severely. Pain that, in the worst case, can significantly compromise activities in your professional or private life.

The structure of our knee joint

The knee joint connects the femur and the tibia by means of tendons and ligaments and is protected from unpleasant irritation by cartilage and the meniscus. Once the cartilage layer is destroyed it cannot be rebuilt. To prevent this from happening, the menisci on the joint’s inside and outside serve as additional shock absorbers.

Located on top, the kneecap transfers forces between femur and tibia. Furthermore, the kneecap protects the joint from external impacts. Despite this protection the knee is at risk of becoming painful and injured through loads resulting from one’s own weight and external impacts.

The causes of knee problems

25 percent of adult Americans suffer knee pain and are looking for advice and help with their condition. And yet, knee problems can be caused by many different things.

Firstly, they can occur acutely and surface when climbing stairs, running or simply lying in bed without direct external impact. Severe knee problems arise when one’s knees are subjected to excessive loads over a long period of time or as a result of wear.

On the other hand, knee problems can develop chronically and become worse over the course of years. Pain is most often a result of excessive stress that leads to the joint becoming inflamed. This, in turn, can result in significantly compromised mobility and decrease in quality of life.

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