Why and how can snail secretions help me?

The snail secretions in Helix Original can promote revitalization as a natural protein.

Helix Original furthermore promotes cell reconstruction as well as the exchange of old cells. This can result in lowering discomfort and regained mobility for all age groups.

Aren’t joint wear and resulting lack of mobility normal at age 70?

Yes, because years of use stress will wear down even the strongest joints. However, advanced age does not automatically result in compromised mobility. Medical therapies, exercise and Helix Original taken every day, can alleviate and even prevent certain problems related to your musculoskeletal system.

The secretions of the Crete snail support the revitalization and production of synovial fluid, regardless of the user’s age. Thus, it makes the dream of improved quality of life for elderly people a reality.

What makes Helix Original so effective?

Helix Original contains allantoin, glycolic acid and the vitamins A, C and E. It is not a drug but a natural nutritional supplement. Nevertheless, its regular use can be very effective. Allantoin is an ingredient contained in the snail’s secretion that is designed to promote self-healing and improve joint health within minutes.

Furthermore, Helix Original’s capsule has the benefit of being absorbed quickly.

Will I ever be able to move effortlessly despite suffering from severe restrictions to my mobility?

From a certain age, most people suffer from joint problems. When the condition becomes chronic, knee, shoulder, hip, hand and finger joints ache every day.

At this point, many sufferers simply give up. Especially if they have tried years of physiotherapy and drug treatments.

Often, joint wear can be stopped and treated. Helix Original is the best proof.

How does the effect of Helix Original differ from other products?

Helix Original is a wholly natural product containing effective ingredients that promote and improve mobility. Side effects can be ruled out almost entirely.

Helix Original is trusted by over 1,000,000 customers in over 20 countries around the world!

Can Helix be used without hesitation even at advanced age?

If you have any questions about any drug interactions, please consult with your doctor. Be reassured that Helix Original is an entirely healthy, easy-to-digest nutritional supplement. Just one capsule a day promotes joint health.

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