We don’t like to hear it, but even well-exercised, youthful shoulders can have issues.  Often, young people are severely compromised in their mobility due to shoulder problems. For them, sport is often literally a “pain”.

Defining shoulder pain

Shoulder pain most often manifests as soft tissue pain in the area of the shoulder joint. In such cases, the pain does not originate in the bones, but in muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules and synovial bursae.

In the majority of cases shoulder problems can significantly compromise the mobility of the affected joint, causing defects that can have an impact on everyday life. Since shoulder and arm muscle coordination is affected by severe joint pain, simple tasks such as tying shoelaces, brushing one’s teeth or holding a cup can become difficult.

Shoulder pain can thus not only compromise mobility but also impact our ability to do even minor tasks.

Causes of shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can have various causes. Tension, wear or inflammation. In most cases, the cause doesn’t lie in the joint itself but in the soft tissue surrounding it. When it is unable to perform its task or is subjected to stress, dull to sharp pain often occurs.

Up to 26 % of the US population suffer from shoulder pain that can turn into a big problem, especially during the night. Interrupted sleep and insomnia can cause additional stress for the body. Just getting through the day becomes a battle.  Lack of concentration, no motivation, permanent fatigue all affect both private and professional lives to everyone’s detriment.


So many people spend most to the day sitting – and often slouching!  Bad posture is a leading cause of back, neck and shoulder pain.  Targeted exercise in addition to taking Helix Original every day, can do wonders for joint health and flexibility.

The substances collagen peptides and glycolic acid have an anti-inflammatory effect, as does turmeric which is also found in Helix. The people of South-East Asia have been eating and treasuring curcuma  prized turmeric root for thousands of years as a spice that also stimulates digestion. Turmeric is also known as an excellent anti-inflammatory agent.

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